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Eduardo Jiminez


In the 90s at Chicago’s Spruce, Eduardo was a member of the opening team led by Chef and co-owner Keith Luce, White House Sous Chef during the Clinton Administration. He also Worked for Phil Stefani at Tavern on Rush as part of the opening team there. Those are only some of the stops on his culinary evolution that’s taken him all over the country and of course down to Mexico.

The cooking techniques he learned along the way, combined with his unique approach to creative ingredients and impeccable service have culminated in the experience that is: Eduardo’s Table.

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Mexican Underground

In addition to masterminding 

Eduardo’s Table, 

Eduardo is perfecting the recipes for three new hot sauces he plans to launch with Mexican Underground.

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Eduardo's Table

First and foremost, Eduardo’s Table is an experience. Come for the extraordinary cuisine, but leave feeling you’ve touched upon something truly magical. Eduardo not only applies his incredible talent to the freshest ingredients, he also presents each plate to you personally.

You also get to experience ocean-to-table dining in a town known for its fresh seafood. The seafood that’s expertly served up by Eduardo (with the help of his father if you’re fortunate enough to be in town at the right moment) comes from the freshest seafood market in town.

It’s time for Eduardo to begin his magic.

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